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Professional Development Grant
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The goal of the College and University Professional Development Grant is to award a financial scholarship on an annual basis to members of the College & University Section.

To support members of the College and University Section, who request funding to attend conferences or meetings related to the library profession, who otherwise would be unable to travel because of financial limitations. The types of professional meetings eligible include:

  1. International, national, state and local library meetings.
  2. Conferences related to the library profession.
  3. Workshops related to the library profession.
  4. Leadership Institutes.


    1. Applicants for the grant must be a member of the College & University Section for at least one year prior to submitting application.
    2. Prior recipients may not apply for a grant within three years of the acceptance date of a previous grant from this committee.
    3. The Selection Committee will distribute the professional development support grant (or grants) based on funds available as identified by the C&U Executive Board.

Application Procedure

    1. Applicants will complete the application form and the term from, which are linked below.
    2. If the applicant is getting funds from an additional source, the source and amount should be specified on the application.
    3. Brief justification for attendance at a professional meeting, workshop or conference should be included.
    4. Deadline for the spring C & U Professional Development grant applications is January 30, to support professional development after award presentation at Spring     C & U meeting (generally in May).
    5. The deadline for fall C&U Professional Development grant applications is June 30, for travel after award  presentation at NLA C & U Annual Conference meeting (generally in October).


  • Professional Development Grant Application (PDF / MS Word)
  • Professional Development Grant Terms (PDF / MS Word)

Selection Committee

  1. There shall be a committee of three members, appointed by the C&U Section chair, to review all applications.
  2. No two members of the committee shall work for the same institution.
  3. Committee terms shall be three-year appointments. Terms shall be staggered to that committee members shall rotate on and off the committee. Once established, one new member shall join the committee each year. Once established the Chair shall be the person sitting on the Committee for the longest number of years.
  4. The Selection Committee will review the eligibility of the applicant.
  5. The Selection Committee will promote the availability of the grant.
  6. Responsibilities of the Chair of the Selection Committee shall include:
    • Preparing the application form to be distributed at the annual fall meeting and submitting copies of the form to the C&U Section Chair and the C&U webmaster.
    • Schedule meetings of the committee.
    • Communicate with applicants, acknowledge all applications in a timely manner, and convey decisions to the C&U Executive Board and to grant recipients.
    • Communicate with the C&U treasurer who shall issue checks.
    • Maintain the records of the committee.

Time Table

  1. Send announcement about the availability of financial support to section members on the C&U ListServ, at least 30 days prior to the submission deadline, i.e., December 30 and May 30.
  2. Grant guidelines and application forms are available online and will be available at the semi-annual fall and spring business meetings.
  3. The C&U Section Chair will make appointments to the Professional Development Grant Selection Committee in November of each year.
  4. The submission deadline will be January 30 for the spring round and June 30 for the fall round.
  5. The deadline for notification of grant recipients will be February 28 for the spring round and July 31 for the fall round.


Year Recipient Institution Conference/Meeting/Workshop
2016 Allison Reisig  Western Nebraska Community College MPLA Leadership Institute
2016 Heidi Blackburn  University of Nebraska at Omaha Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference
 Blackburn Report
2016 Brian Maass  Metropolitan Community Collegee Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference
 Maass Report
2013 Tina Walker  Mid-Plains Community College SDLA/NDLA/MPLA Tri-Conference
 Sioux Falls, SD
 Walker Report
2013 Gillian Connors  Union College Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference
 Indianapolis, Indiana
 Connors Report
2011 Lorraine Patrick  Bellevue University Nebraska Library Leadership Institute
 Schyler, Nebraska
2011 Stephanie ViolaUNO Nebraska Library Leadership Institute
 Schyler, Nebraska
2011 Beth Lighthipe  Bellevue University American Library Association Annual Meeting
 New Orleans, LA
2010 Glenda WilsonUNK Innovative Users Group Conference
 San Francisco, CA
 Wilson Report
2010 Rachel ErbUNO American Library Association Annual Meeting
 Washington, DC
 Erb Report
2009 Marvel MaringUNO International Federation of Library Associates and Institutions (IFLA),Milan, Italy
 Mering Poster Session
2006 Marvel MaringUNO Rare Book School :"The Book in the Manuscript Era"
 Charlottesville, VA
2004 Greg GoessmanUNO 2004 Annual ALA Conference
 Orlando, FL

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