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Intellectual Freedom Bylaws

Approved April 15, 2016

(Click here for the PDF version)


Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be “Intellectual Freedom” (IF), a round table of the Nebraska Library Association.


Article II – Affiliation

This organization shall be a round table of the Nebraska Library Association (NLA). All elections and bylaws and policies adopted by IF shall be in accordance with the bylaws and policies in force for NLA. IF shall hold meetings, sponsor programs and provide representatives to NLA committees as needed.


Article III – Mission

Intellectual Freedom (IF) develops awareness, knowledge, and action regarding intellectual freedom in libraries throughout Nebraska.  The round table fosters communication and the exchange of expertise regarding the ongoing threats to intellectual freedom.  The round table provides a forum for discussion and problem-solving for challenges to intellectual freedom and working with NLA affiliates, such as the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska and the American Library Association and its Intellectual Freedom Foundation.


 Article IV – Membership

A.      Membership is open to any member in good standing in the Nebraska Library Association.

B.      Membership dues shall be set by vote of the round table membership.

C.      Payment of IF dues shall constitute membership in IF.

D.      The membership year shall correspond with the Nebraska Library Association fiscal year and shall be subject to renewal on an annual basis.  Dues paid at NLA Annual Conference shall be for the following fiscal year.

E.       Any member in good standing of the round table shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members.

F.       Any member whose dues are currently paid may resign by filing a written statement with the Chair.  Dues are not refundable.

G.     Membership in the round table will not be transferable or assignable.



Article V – Meetings

A.      The Annual meeting of this round table shall be held during the annual conference of NLA.

B.      Special meetings may be called by the Chair. Special meetings must be announced to all members of the round table no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.

C.      Matters to be considered on the agenda at a special meeting must be included with the meeting announcement.

D.      A quorum for any regular or special meeting of the round table, convened in accordance with requirements of the bylaws, shall consist of those present at a properly called meeting.


Article VI – Officers and Duties

A.      Term Officers shall assume office at the Annual meetings, and serve a term of one year, or until their successors are elected.

B.      Reimbursement for Expenses

No member in his/her role as a member of the organization shall receive a salary, wage or fee for personal services relating to activities of the round table. The Board may authorize reimbursement for actual expenses incurred as a result of work performed.

C.      Chair – Duties

1.       Calls and presides at all meetings of the round table and of its Executive Board.

2.       With the advice and consent of the Executive Board, establishes any standing or special committees, including program planning committees.

3.       Serves as an ex-officio member of all round table committees.

4.       Represents the round table in official capacities.

5.       Serves as a voting member of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Library Association.

6.       Prepares and causes to be sent to each member of the Executive Board an agenda for Executive Board meetings.

7.       Prepares an annual report as well as other reports describing the activities and accomplishments of the round table as requested by the Nebraska Library Association.

D.      Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – Duties

1.        Presides at meetings in the absence of the Chair.

2.       Assumes the office of Chair at the end of the Chair’s term of office, or upon the resignation, death, or permanent incapacitation of the Chair.

3.       Serves as chair of all program planning committees, or appoints, with the advice and consent of the Executive Board, another to serve in his or her stead.

4.       Assumes other duties and responsibilities at the direction of the Chair or the Executive Board.

5.       Represents the round table on the Continuing Education Committee of the Nebraska Library Association.

E.       Secretary – Duties

1.        Records minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board, and Membership meetings of the round table.

2.       Maintains and preserves a written record of all round tables activities, including programs sponsored, committee reports, and financial transactions.

3.       Prepares an annual financial report for the Membership meeting.

4.       Prepares and submits quarterly and annual financial reports to the treasurer of NLA.

5.       Handles routine correspondence for the round table, and other correspondence as requested by the Chair.

F.       Past Chair – Duties

1.        Assists the Chair to provide advice and continuity to the organization.

2.       Serves as the Nominations Coordinator. In this capacity the Past Chair will secure a slate of individuals to run for IF office in accordance with NLA rules and procedures. (NLA Handbook 6.5)

G.     Election of Officers

Election of officers shall be conducted with a ballot which shall have provision for write-in votes.  The election will be held in conjunction with the Nebraska Library Association election of officers.


Article VII – Executive Board

A.      Membership

The Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-elect, Secretary and Past Chair shall constitute the Executive Board of the round table. The IF web master shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Board. 

B.      Duties

1.       Establishes policies of the round table and directs its activities. 

2.       Provides advice to the Chair on all committees established and committee or liaison appointments made.

3.       Cooperates with the NLA board in matters of mutual concern.

4.       Appoints an IF web master.

5.       Fills vacancies on the Executive Board by a majority vote of remaining members.

6.       Serve, at the Chair’s discretion, as the program planning committee for the Annual Convention, or other function sponsored by the round table.

C.      Meetings

1.       The Executive Board shall be called into session by the Chair, or at the request of any member of the Executive Board. Meeting time and place shall be set in consultation with members of the Executive Board.

2.       A minimum of three board members shall be required to constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Executive Board.


Article VIII – Amendment of the Bylaws

A.      Amendments to these bylaws may be introduced at any meeting of the round table at which there is a quorum present. In the intervals between meetings, proposed amendments may be submitted to the Executive Board who may authorize submission of the proposed amendment(s) to the membership.

B.      Amendments introduced to the membership in accordance with these bylaws shall be voted on by secret ballot at the next regular or special meeting of the round table at which a quorum is present.

Article IX – Standing Committees

A.       Standing committees may be created or discontinued only by amending the by-laws.

The Standing Committees of the round table are as follows:


Web Coordinator


B.      Standing Committee Membership

All committee members shall be members in good standing of Intellectual Freedom. Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the Intellectual Freedom Chair, with additional committee members being mutually selected, as needed.

C.      Terms of Office

Committee members may be re-appointed to, or serve on, or chair more than one committee, as determined by the Intellectual Freedom Chair, with the approval of the Executive Board. Each committee chair shall hold office until a successor is appointed. Each committee chair serves a two year term. Members may serve consecutive terms as committee chair.

D.      Duties of Standing Committees

The responsibilities of the standing committees are as follows:

By-Laws. The By-Laws committee will maintain an accurate copy of the round table by-laws, preparing and proposing necessary changes as suggested by the Executive Board.

Web Coordinator. The Web Coordinator shall, under the direction of the Board, keep the IF web site up-to-date, and shall enhance it as opportunities to do so arise.

Liaison. The Liaison committee is responsible for monitoring information from organizations supporting intellectual freedom, such as the Intellectual Freedom Foundation and the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska.

E.       Special Committees

Special committees may be created or discontinued by the Chair upon the approval of the Executive Board. Members of special committees shall serve at the discretion of the Chair and the Executive Board.

F.       Vacancies

Vacancies in membership of any committee may be filled by appointments made in the same manner as provided in the case of the original appointments.

Article X — Parliamentary Authority and Procedure

A.      Legal Requirements

The affairs of the round table shall be conducted in accord with the requirements of the Nebraska Library Association.

B.      Rules of Order

The rules of parliamentary procedure governing the Association shall be those of the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

C.      Parliamentarian

The Chair may appoint an official Parliamentarian for the Round Table, if needed.

Article XI — Dissolution

A.      Dissolution

The round table may be dissolved by a majority vote of its membership at an annual meeting.  Alternatively, it may be dissolved by a majority vote of the Nebraska Library Association Board after two years of inactivity or noncompliance with NLA bylaws.

B.      Disposal of Assets

Upon dissolution of the round table, all assets shall revert to the Nebraska Library Association.

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