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NLA/NSLA 2017 Session Descriptions
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NLA/NSLA 2017 Conference Schedule

(This information is subject to change)

Thursday, October 12

7:00-8:00: Breakfast

8:00-8:30: Welcoming Session

8:30-10:00: Keynote Speaker Jill Bourne

10:00-11:00: Vendor Showcase and Poster Presentations

Accessible History – Digitizing 142 Years of the Local Newspaper
The Sidney Public Library has the past 142 years of the local newspaper on microfilm. It gets a lot of use and the staff attempts to fulfill the many requests received for copies of birth and wedding announcements, obituaries and other topics of interest. If the requesters do not have a close estimate of the date they need researched, the library staff cannot fulfill the requests due to the time it would take search a broad range of dates. Also, the microfilm can only be accessed in the library making it virtually inaccessible to non-local researchers. With the award of a library improvement grant from the Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) via the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), Advanced Preservation will be digitizing all the microfilm and creating a web-based text-searchable database for the Sidney Public Library that will make this resource readily available and easily accessed via the Internet. Andrew Sherman -- Director, Sidney Public Library

Galvanized Yankees Along the Platte: The 3rd US Volunteer Infantry
In 1864 and 1865 6000 Confederate soldiers were recruited from Federal prison camps to guard the emigrant trails to California, Oregon, and the gold fields, to assist in construction of telegraph lines, and to help maintain security in the face of growing hostility by various Native American tribes and unrest and desertion among state volunteer troops. The 3rd USVI was stationed from Ft. Kearney in Nebraska Territory to South Pass in present-day Wyoming and beyond. This poster session is to document the presenter’s work in identifying the approximately 1000 members of this unit, how they served, and to the extent possible, where they went after the end of the Civil War.
Ron Wirtz -- Coordinator of User Services, UNK Calvin T. Ryan Library

Grant-ing Access to the Good Life Through Technology Tucked away in a quiet corner in Western Nebraska, the Kimball Public Library has been busy winning grants in recent years to improve the educational opportunities of its young patrons. The presenters will provide examples of grant-funded technology projects they have implemented and discuss the success they have had in earning these grants. This presentation is ideal for directors of small libraries seeking to implement similar projects.
Jan Sears -- Director, Kimball Public Library
Leta Liesch -- Assistant Director/Children’s Librarian, Kimball Public Library

If You Build It, They Will Come!
We built it, the students came and we all learned! MakerSpace inspires students to make, produce, solve, create, collaborate and think outside the shelves of our library. It is a way for us to uncover the students talents, needs and interests. See how we transformed our primary school libraries into a MakerSpace. We will share with you the research, funding, ideas, organization, and incorporation of MakerSpace into our libraries. Participants will be able to have an hands on experience with our MakerSpace ideas.
Tracy Bye -- Media Specialist (Deerfield Primary School), Blair Community Schools
Carol Nickerson -- Media Specialist (North Primary School), Blair Community Schools

Integrating Open Access Resources into your Collection and Community
Universities, libraries, and cultural heritage institutions all around the world are creating rich, online resources of digitized collections that are open and free to all. Come hear how we can make our communities more aware of these wonderful resources and really take advantage them.
Ann Erdmann -- EResources Librarian, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Preparing for a Renovation Without Moving the Collection
In recent years, many Nebraska libraries have undergone major renovations. In many of those cases, staff have struggled with relocating the collection during the renovation. In this presentation, learn how Creighton Law Library is undergoing a major renovation this summer without moving the collection. See how the staff prepared for the renovation while still providing as much access to information as possible.
Heather Buckwalter -- Serials/Acquisitions Librarian, Creighton University Law Library

Reading Diversely Members of the NLA Diversity Committee decided to challenge themselves to read something that broadens their knowledge of diverse populations. Members will share their processes and insights from their reading selections. Handouts with further reading and resources will be available.
Anneka Ramirez -- Director, Three Rivers Library System
Angela Kroeger -- Library Associate (Archives & Special Collections), UNO Criss Library

Successful Programming in Small Libraries
Rural libraries may feel daunted by the challenge of offering high quality programming to their communities. These challenges are real. Limited staff and resources, lack of time, and other factors mean that small libraries must carefully balance where their efforts are invested. However, program planning can offer opportunities for staff to explore their talents or to develop new ones, and to involve community members to do the same. Programs offer communities an additional source of entertainment. They provide access to informal learning opportunities that may otherwise not be available in geographically isolated areas. The presenters will provide examples of three successful ongoing series that were developed in-house and share the results of our first months as a NASA@MyLibrary program partner.
Rosella Tesch -- Director, Chadron Public Library
Susan Rolfsmeier -- Assistant Director, Chadron Public Library
Elizabeth Dahl -- Children’s Librarian, Chadron Public Library

11:00am-12:30pm:Professional Workshops

Access to Think: Applying the NLA Intellectual Freedom Manual at Your Library
The Intellectual Freedom Round Table published an updated manual in 2016. Join contributors as they explain how to use the updated manual as a guide to create policies, defend the first amendment, protect privacy, provide unrestricted access to resources, deal appropriately with requests from law enforcement, and fight fake news and disinformation. Workshop will include small group discussion and exercises to help attendees develop or revise intellectual freedom-related policies at their libraries.
This workshop is intended for a general audience but strongly encouraged for public library administrators and board members.
Michael Elsener -- Library Resource Center Specialist, Southeast Community College (Lincoln)
Todd Schlechte -- Assistant Director, Southeast Library System
Timothy Lentz -- DARM Associate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Getting Real Law: Navigating the Internet for Reliable Sources of Law and Legal Materials
Everyone knows that all the laws are available for free online on Google, right? However, if you just Google it, you never know what you’re likely to find. In fact, you will often find some form of “fake law.” How do tell the difference between reliable sources and sources that aren’t reliable? What is the difference between “official” sources of the law, whether it be cases or statutes, and “unofficial” sources? Why are some “unofficial” sources preferable to “official” ones? When? This workshop will help answer all these questions and more so that you can best serve your patrons seeking legal information.
This workshop is intended for a general audience but strongly encouraged for any librarian whose responsibilities include providing reference services.
Richard Leiter -- Director, Marvin & Virginia Schmid Law Library (Nebraska College of Law)

Introduction to Book Repair and Evaluation Techniques Books are precious artifacts of a society’s culture. Yet, over time, they become damaged due to use and environment and cannot always be replaced. This can prevent our patrons from accessing vital knowledge. In this workshop, attendees will actively participate in the review of books for repair and discussion of tools and supplies used in preservation work. Please feel free to bring your own damaged materials for input on how to get them back in your collection!
This workshop is intended for a general audience but strongly encouraged for any librarian working in archives and special collections.
Robin McCLanahan -- Preservation Associate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Learn, Play, Make @ Library Innovation Studios
You’ve all heard about Makerspaces in libraries, but this is your chance to get a hands-on opportunity and see Makerspace equipment and components in action. Nebraska Library Commission and Nebraska Innovation Studio staff will lead this interactive workshop to demonstrate how to use several of the components that will be featured at the Library Innovation Studios, to be hosted by thirty Nebraska public libraries during the next three years.
Do you think your library is too small or too short-staffed for Makerspace equipment? Maybe not. Even small spaces can accommodate Maker-stations. And once users are certified, much of the equipment may not need too much attention. Attend this session to see demonstrations and to make a t-shirt, button, or light-up book cover, as well as etch a coffee mug, embroider a bookmark, or cut out a wood trivet. Bring your library logo on a thumb drive to incorporate it into whatever you make.

Note: Not all attendees will get to make their favorite item during the session. However the Library Innovation Studio will be open for visitors at 8:00 a.m. Thursday and will remain open until 5:00 p.m.—before and after this session. To view featured equipment visit:

This workshop is intended for a general audience but strongly encouraged for public librarians considering bringing a Library Innovation Studio or Makerspace to their library.
Craig Lefteroff -- Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission
Holly Woldt -- Library Technology Support Specialist, Nebraska Library Commission
JoAnn McManus -- Library Innovation Studios Project Manager, Nebraska Library Commission
TBD -- Library Innovation Studios Instructional Designer, Nebraska Innovation Studio

Small Lessons, Big Impact: How to Develop Effective Learning for Minimal Timeframes
The creation of effective instruction presents challenges to all instructors. In the case of library faculty and staff, the challenges can be even greater. Without time to build a rapport with the students, the emphasis on effective development and design of educational and training materials carries more of the focus. Engaging students with the content requires more than a good show; it takes planning and pedagogical considerations. This will be a hands-on session in which attendees will be actively developing a learning object or lesson for use online or in the classroom. Attendees should bring a topic, a computer or tablet to work on, and any related materials. We will use these to look at the design process, how to identify and write objectives and outcomes, the development of effective pedagogy, and even some ideas on tools to use when creating your learning objects/modules for your institution.
Note: Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet.
This workshop is intended for librarians involved in instruction but is open to anyone.
Steven McGahan -- Associate Director/Instructional Design Specialist, UNK eCampus

12:30-2:00:NLA and NSLA Lunch and Business Meetings

2:00-3:00: Concurrent session I

Are you Afraid of the Big, Bad Inventory?
Some libraries are experts at running inventories on a regular basis and their listings in their catalog are almost 100% accurate. Many other libraries have either NEVER done an inventory, have only done 1 in the last 10 years, or have started an inventory and never finished. Inventories can be scary and they can frighten people away. Come learn a few tips and tricks on completing a successful inventory. Learn how Keene Memorial Library just completed their first inventory in at least 20 years and hear about the pros, cons, and what we learned from our mistakes. Learn why it is important to do an inventory on a regular basis. Maybe that big, bad inventory won't keep you up at nights after you hear our secrets.
Tina Walker -- Director, Keene Memorial Library (Fremont, NE)

Connecting Kids @ Their Library
This upbeat and fast-paced session will provide attendees with the tools,materials, and examples to implement two programs to the children in their community. Both the Kinder-Carding Project and the 100 Best Books Program were created by Lied Scottsbluff Public Library staff and have been incredibly popular and rewarding in the Nebraska Panhandle since their inceptions. Ideas or financing similar projects at your library will be provided.
Deb Carlson -- Children’s/Public Services Librarian, Lied Scottsbluff Public Library
James Tidei -- Public Services Manager, Kilgore Memorial Library

Low Cost VHS and Cassette Digitization to Provide Access for All
Are you stuck with media in formats you can’t access? Do you worry that the only record of an important event will be lost because of media obsolescence? Many of us deal with this, but have limited budgets with which to solve the problem. At the University of Nebraska Kearney, the Archives team chose to transfer VHS and cassette tapes ourselves. They tested several inexpensive products, focusing on ease of use, software capabilities, quality of the finished product, and overall cost. Using our finds, we created two basic tracks. The first uses moderately priced consumer products to transfer media, while the second relies on open-source software, providing cost savings though losing some ease-of-use.The presenter will share our digitization process and recommendations. Because our processes for VHS and cassette digitization are low cost, they would be suitable for smaller organizations or, potentially, home use for those with large collections.
Laurinda Weisse -- University Archivist, UNK Calvin T. Ryan Library

NMRT Business Meeting

Partnering with Rural Libraries to Increase Accessibility of Health and Safety Information
More than one-third of all Nebraskans live in rural communities. Having access to quality, literacy, and language appropriate health and safety educational materials is key to improving health outcomes, reducing injury and empowering individuals to become partners in their healthcare decisions. The presenter will discuss the barriers faced by rural communities in accessing health and safety information and will provide an opportunity to discuss the formation of partnerships between rural libraries and health and safety organizations that can reduce the burdens of access to lifesaving information.
Ellen Duysen -- Community Outreach Specialist, UNMC Central States Center for Agricultural                              Safety and Health

Sharing the Good Life: Libraries' Role in Local Tourism
Tourism is the 3rd largest industry in Nebraska, but one that doesn't always seem to have a close tie to libraries. Why would those visitors want to go to a place where they can't borrow anything? This program presents the perspectives of 2 public librarians (one with 30 years on the local Visitors Committee, the other with involvement in the Nebraska Passport Program) and an employee of the Nebraska Tourism Commission who has encouraged the development of the Trail of Authors, Arts and Architecture along Byway 136 from Brownville to McCook.
Laureen Riedesel -- Director, Beatrice Public Library
Erin Willis --Curator of the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, Lincoln City                      Libraries
Micheal Collins -- Eastern Region Tourism Consultant, Nebraska Tourism Commission

There's Always Time for A Read Aloud: Validating Why We Read Aloud or Reminding Us Why We Should
Reading is an important part of any child’s development and gives that child the best opportunity to enjoy the good life. This presentation will focus on the research that supports daily read alouds with students. Specific examples that incorporate math and science read alouds will also be included. Any librarian working with young children in school or public libraries will strongly benefit from attending this presentation.
Carrie Kracl -- Associate Professor, UNK College of Education
Dena Harsbarger -- Assistant Professor, UNK College of Education

What's the Deal with Bad Boards?
Every public library board has to deal with some minor quirks or arguments, but there are some cases that are just beyond what should be allowed to happen. This panel, through recollections and reenactments, will present some examples of board behaviors that get in the way of the management of the library and how to fix them.
Scott Childers [Moderator] -- Director, Southeast Library System

What’s Up @ the Commission?
The program will cover current and forthcoming Library Commission projects and initiatives including state and federal library funding, grants, educational opportunities, events, and a Q & A lightning round featuring Library Commission staff answering questions about their work and the work of their colleagues.
Rod Wagner -- Director, Nebraska Library Commission

3:00-4:00:Concurrent session II

Adventures in Collaborating
Fun and seamless collaboration between teachers and librarians is a dream - and not an impossible one! Join a high school librarian and one of her collaborating teachers for tips, tools, and tales of victories and follies. Come see how we use collaboration to provide a broader scope of access for all of our students! Bring your questions, and don't be afraid to share YOUR best tools with us.
Mandy Peterson -- Media Specialist, Schuyler Central High School
Mary Breedlove -- Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, Schuyler Central High School

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: Raising Money in a Small Library
We have all seen the traditional fundraising ideas from bake sales, all you can eat morning breakfast, a raffle for a picture you know you will never hang up, and so on. The Director of Emerson Public Library decided to seriously step out of that traditional box for raising money! Her idea definitely received a lot of attention for being "unique." Having so many issues with budget cuts, library directors must be extremely creative on how we can get people to support our fundraisers because of many of them are just tired of all the "traditional" ways that have been presented in the past. Stop by for this exciting presentation and see what new light the presenter can bring to libraries when it comes to fundraising!
LaVaille Reifenrath -- Director, Emerson Public Library

Diversity 101: The Good Life for All
Join members of NLA’s Diversity Committee as they explore diversity and inclusion as a mindset rather than a one-time goal to be achieved in the workplace. Attendees will gain an increased understanding of terms, concepts, and general best practices to guide their work, as well as a strengthened awareness of diversity and inclusion at the career, patron, and community level.
Anneka Ramirez -- Director, Three Rivers Library System

40 Years of Good Life Politics: A Survivor's Tale
After working with 5 completely different library boards, 5 City Administrators and 9 Mayors (one who served 2 different times & one who continued for 12 years), the presenter has experienced more “Good Life politics” than she wants to remember. However, 40 years of service as a library director has given her much wisdom. Both current and aspiring administrators (and just about everyone else!) should attend this presentation to hear a voice of experience from a library world that is more political than most new to the field ever expect.
Laureen Riedesel -- Director, Beatrice Public Library

Information Literacy at Your Own Pace
Information literacy forms the basis of lifelong learning and is a vital skill in the information age. The Central Community College librarians created six Information Literacy modules this past year. These self-paced modules are designed as skill builders and offer students knowledge on the key focus areas of the research process. Faculty may want to use some or all of the modules to complement and reinforce research instruction offered in their courses.
Dee Johnson -- Learning Resources Director, Central Community College (Columbus)
Dixie Codner -- Resource Center Director, Central Community College (Grand Island)
Sherrie Dux-Ideus -- Resource Center Director, Central Community College (Hastings)

Let’s Get ‘Em Started!!!
Did you know that kids in McCook get to read 1,000 books before they even start kindergarten? Yes, that’s right, 1,000!!! This program will be filled with information on how to start a smilar program at your library. The presenters will describe what they do to get them started and signed up. Along with ideas for books, prizes, log sheets and more information, they will discuss the end of the year party hosted at the library to celebrate this amazing achievement. Come join in the fun and plan a new program to add to your library. As an added bonus, you’ll also get to play with some puppets!
Jody Crocker -- Director, McCook Public Library
Tracy Kennedy -- Library Assistant, McCook Public Library

Library Innovation Studios: How to Garner Community Support for a Makerspace
This July the Nebraska Library Commission launched the 3-year IMLS grant-funded Library Innovation Studios project and selected some of the thirty public libraries that will host studios for up to five months. Presenters from the Nebraska Library Commission and Nebraska Extension will share information about the Library Innovation Studios (rotating makerspaces) and the equipment and components selected for the studios. The community engagement process that is key to the library’s ability to support a makerspace in the long term will be featured in the presentation. Public library staff and supporters will learn how they can still apply to participate in the project through the 2018 application process. All libraries will learn how to access the information, online training, and a makerspace network that is available to all Nebraska libraries. Note: Learn more about this exciting project by checking out the project’s web page at:
JoAnn McManus -- Library Innovation Studios Project Manager, Nebraska Library Commission
Mary Jo Ryan -- Communications Coordinator, Nebraska Library Commission
Connie Hancock -- Extension Educator, Nebraska Extension

Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) to the Good Life
Blind and visually impaired people use screen readers and other assistive technology to access computers. Screen readers can cost upwards of $1,000, but two blind guys who met at band camp went maverick and developed Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA). Their screen reader is open source and loaded with features. Best of all, it can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere. For free! This presentation will focus on how free screen readers can be used in the library to help visually impaired patrons gain equal access to information. The presentation will begin with a brief overview of how screen readers work, focusing specifically on NVDA. The presenter will delve into ideal computer set-ups for the visually impaired, as well as some free and low-cost equipment for patrons who are losing their vision. The presentation will end with an in-person demonstration of using NVDA to log in to BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) to download a book before opening up for questions.
Amanda Sweet -- Reader Services Advisor (Talking Books and Braille Services), Nebraska                                     Library Commission

Summer Reading Booklets: A New Approach to an Old Program
Summer reading programs are a staple of public library programming. While always popular, they can sometimes grow stale. However, it does not take much to quickly refresh them. Discover how Gretna Public Library tossed out cheap prizes and revolutionized their children's summer reading program. You'll be able to take away some ideas to make your summer programming more coordinated, calm, and memorable for both your community and library team.
Rebecca McCorkindale -- Assistant Director, Gretna Public Library

4:00-5:00: Concurrent Session III

Creating, Not Consuming
Consumerism is not just something that affects our social lives; it impacts our education as students are conditioned to consume content rather than create it. This presentation demonstrates 21st Century learning that is student-centered includes projects that use collaboration, teamwork, creativity and imagination. Examples of student library projects will be shared for the benefit of all..
Lynn Stewart -- School Librarian (Meadowlark Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Connie Jelkin -- School Librarian (Park Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Kelly Melson -- School Librarian (Northeast Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Mary Roesler -- School Librarian (Kenwood Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Lynn Stewart -- School Librarian (Meadowlark Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Collin Nichols -- School Librarian (Buffalo Hills/Glenwood Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Trish Heins -- School Librarian (Windy HIlls Elementary), Kearney Public Schools
Hallie Hagan -- School Librarian (Central/Bryant Elementary), Kearney Public Schools

Diverse Perspectives: Is Access the Same for All?
The good life looks different depending on who you are and where you are. In this panel presentation, midwest librarians will share their expertise and experience, followed by time for discussion. Please come ready to have your assumptions challenged through the experiences of your colleagues.
Elizabeth Hittle [Moderator] -- Assistant Librarian, Scribner Public Library
Angela Kroeger [Moderator] -- Library Associate (Archives & Special Collections), UNO Criss                                                        Library

Helping Kids LEAP to the Good Life!
LEAP is an early childhood program created for the Gering Public Library in Gering, NE and made possible through a Youth Grant for Excellence by the Nebraska Library Commission. LEAP specifically targets children ages three through five for early literacy and math skills, fine-motor skills, and school readiness. It also emphasizes parent/caregiver education on the value of young children learning through play, parents/caregivers as their child’s first teacher, and Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines. Learn how and why LEAP was created from the beginning ideas through implementation to end results. Practical suggestions on how to start a similar program in your library will be discussed as well as ordering and organization of materials and effectively using the physical space.
Christie Clarke -- Youth Services Librarian, Gering Public Library

IF Business Meeting

Many Languages, Many Cultures:Responding to Diverse Health Information Needs
Nebraska’s minority population continues to grow rapidly. From 2000 to 2010 the number of minorities in the state increased by 50.7%. In the past 15 years, Nebraska has resettled over 11,000 refugees from 35 countries, and currently leads the nation in resettling the most refugees per capita. This increasing diversity in our communities leads to a greater need for culturally relevant and multilingual health information resources. This includes materials to improve cultural awareness and communication skills of health providers and librarians, and resources created in a way that those from diverse backgrounds can understand and identify with the information provided. In this presentation, the presenters will share where to find appropriate information resources and how you and your patrons can use them.

Presenters:Annette Parde-Maass - Education and Outreach Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine 

Christian I.J. Minter - Community Engagement and Health Literacy Librarian, UNMC McGoogan Library of Medicine

Nebraska ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshow Sharing Session
The session will include a report about the 2017 Nebraska ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Scholarly Communication Roadshow that was held July 12, 2017 on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus. The presenters will engage in a discussion with attendees about initiatives and continuing education opportunities in the areas presented at the conference, namely: 1. Open educational resources (OERs); 2. Library-based publishing; and 3. Research metrics.
The session will include updates about: 1. OER-related initiatives at UNL, including the UNL Libraries' efforts to partner with other units on campus to increase awareness and integration of OERs in curricula; 2. Library-based publishing taking place in the UNL Libraries via the institutional repository and the Zea Books imprint; and 3. Trends in use of research metrics in academic institutions.
Catherine Fraser Riehle -- Learning Resource Design Librarian (Associate Professor),                                                           University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries
Margaret Mering -- Metadata Librarian (Professor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries
Sue Ann Gardner -- Scholarly Communications Librarian (Professor), University of Nebraska-                                     Lincoln Libraries
Linnea Frederickson -- Scholarly Communications Production Specialist, University of                                                      Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Technology Toolkit for Public Libraries
During March, 2017, five Nebraska public libraries participated in the “Towards Gigabit Libraries” pilot program to test out a Technology Toolkit as part of an IMLS grant to Internet2, the national research and education network that interconnects state networks. The Toolkit was designed to be a self-guided analysis of internal and external technology critical to a library’s operations that results in formulation of a Technology Improvement Plan. This session will provide an overview of the Toolkit and relate experiences and findings from the five pilot sites. Attendees will learn details of when the pilot project Toolkit tutorial will be made available to public libraries and when Nebraska public libraries will be able to arrange additional library visits from the Technical Advisors.
Holly Woldt -- Technology Support Specialist, Nebraska Library Commission
Tom Rolfes -- Education IT Manager, Nebraska Information Technology Commission

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: A Visual History
For 138 years,the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been providing access to the good life to Nebraska residents as their flagship public university. Given the University’s critical role in the development of Nebraska, it is appropriate that a visual history of the University was published during the state’s sesquicentennial celebration. Even more appropriate is that the author of the book is a distinguished member of the library community. In this presentation, join the author as she goes through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s history and shares the process she went through in writing this book. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to snag an autographed copy!
Kay Logan-Peters -- Architecture Librarian (Professor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

5:00-6:00: Exhibitor Reception

6:00:Social Activities

Friday, October 13

7:00-8:00: Breakfast

8:00-9:00:Concurrent Sessions IV

Access Through Their Screens: A QR Code Scavenger Hunt for Teens
We all know that kids these days (and a lot of adults too!) experience the world mostly through their smartphones. Since this is the case, why not help them experience their library through their phones as well? In this presentation, the presenter will describe how she developed a QR-code based activity to ensure that teens were competent and ethical users of digital media, especially the non-print resources offered through libraries such as e-books, e-readers, databases, audio-books, and social media.Ideal for anyone serving children in grades 6-12.
Ginnie Perez -- Teen Librarian, Lied Scottsbluff Public Library

Access to the Exit! Creating an Escape Room on Any Budget
Whether you participated in Thursday night’s escape room experience or not, come learn how to create a similar experience at your library regardless of your budget! This session will present resources, how tos, and what-not-to-dos for hosting an escape room at your library. Attendees will leave with a sense of how to frame and scope an escape room project, as well as what to consider before starting the project.
Jennifer Thoegerson -- Data Curation Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Access to Work: Hiring Managers Answer Your Questions
Are you new to libraries or looking to advance? Do you know what employers are looking for? Come hear a panel of those doing the hiring. They will share information about their interview processes and how they determine the best candidates. Learn from the successes and mistakes of those they have interviewed and gets tips on how to stand out in a good way. They will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can nail the next job interview!
Terri Rickel [Moderator] -- ILL Lending Team Leader, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Our Doors are Open: Combining Desks to Improve Access
Change management is a critical skill for administrators; combining service points, while not a new idea in the library world, is still being deliberated. Is it better to have separate reference and circulation desks or to combine them? The UNO Criss Library not only combined reference and circulation services, it also added an additional full service point, and opened an entrance that was visible but remained closed since the library’s renovation in 2007. The presenters decribe how employees were involved from the start in determining location, configuration, services, and staffing at each desk to provide better service to patrons. This presentation is strongly encouraged administrators from any type of library who are considering renovating their service points.
Katie Bishop -- Director of Research & Instruction Services, UNO Criss Library
Joyce Neujahr -- Director of Patron Services, UNO Criss Library

Providing Access to the Good Life for the Disabled
Do you know the ADA standard for where you should place your books on the bookshelf? Do you know what kind of animals can legally be classified as a service animal? Do you know which policies you may want to look at to grant greater access to your services? You will if you attend this overview of how to best provide access to the disabled patrons in your community. The presenter is a long-time advocate for the disabled and was recently appointed as the State of Nebraska ADA Coordinator. As the ADA Coordinator, she will lead the State's ADA Task Force and help ensure that the State's programs, activities and services are accessible to all citizens.
Crystal Booker -- ADA Coordinator, State of Nebraska
Scott Childers -- Director, Southeast Library System

Strategies for Identifying Fake News
With the proliferation of fake (or, at least, dubious) news, students need to know the strategies necessary to be a good consumer of information. This involves fine-tuning their critical thinking skills and using prior knowledge when determining the validity of research information. This presentation will give school librarians ideas and information they can incorporate their information literacy curriculum.
Judy Henning -- Director of Media Services, Kearney Public Schools

TSRT Business Meeting

Working Together To Achieve a Hunger Free Heartland
Nebraska ranks 46th out of the states and District of Columbia in summer meals participation, meaning less than nine children are participating in summer nutrition programs for every 100 in the National School Lunch Program. Hunger Free Heartland works to make sure that children have access to food year round by promoting summer meals through best practices and site support. Many states have had great success in connecting summer meals with community organizations, especially public libraries. Hunger Free Heartland and Omaha Public Library would like to share their experience working together to provide more meals to children in the metro area. In the session, we will explore potential partnerships between your library and the Summer Food Service Program, whether it be through enrichment offerings or hosting a site at the library.
Amy Wenzl -- Youth Services Librarian, Omaha Public Library
Sarah Liewer -- Child Nutrition Access Coordinator, Hunger Free Heartland

Your Partners in Service: Accessible UNL Libraries Resources
Did you know that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries serve you even if you’re not affiliated with the university? Attend this presentation and discover the collections and services that are available as part of the university’s land-grant mission to the state and what that means for your libraries and your patrons. Find out what is publicly available and open access via our site and additional resources that are accessible when visiting the campus.
Dana W.R. Boden -- Agricultural Librarian (Associate Professor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                  Libraries
Joan Konecky -- Liaison Librarian (Associate Professor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                         Libraries

9:00-10:00:Concurrent Session V

Academic Blasphemy: Providing Access to Textbooks in the Library
As textbook prices and tuition continue to soar, academic libraries offering textbooks as part of their circulating or reserves collections are valuable contributors to student recruitment and retention. Students need affordable and convenient access to textbooks for reasons including delayed financial aid, personal economic hardships, and just-in-time use. Textbooks at the library can fill those needs.
Criss Library’s Summer 2017 Textbook Reserves Pilot Project brought together a team from several departments across campus, selected textbooks for a small number of general education courses, and marketed the program to our student success outreach partners. The goal of the project was to fulfill UNO’s mission of an urban metropolitan university to provide student-centered support of a diverse student body through textbook cost savings. In this presentation, the presenters will share preliminary results of the project, collection development and access services policies, collaboration strategies with the bookstore and other departments, and assessment methods.
Heidi Blackburn -- STEM and Business Librarian, UNO Criss Library
Tammi Owens -- Outreach and Instruction Librarian, UNO Criss Library

Germinating the Good Life: How to Start a Seed Library
Entering its fifth year, Omaha Public Libraries’ Common Soil is a huge success. Learn the ins and outs, the snags and successes, of seed librarianship. Attendees will learn about how the seed library is cataloged and organized, how seeds are selected, and how the library coordinates donations and reaches out to community garden clubs and other urban gardening community members for support.
Carol Erkens -- Adult Services Librarian, Omaha Public Library
Ben Brick -- Collection Processing, Omaha Public Library

Golden Sower Awards
Presentation of the 2017 Golden Sower Awards, recognizing outstanding books for children and young adults.
Kathy Schultz -- Chair, Golden Sower Committee

ITART Business Meeting

Kids Can’t Have ALL the Fun! Planning a Fun-Filled Adult Reading Program
This action-packed session will give attendees a look at the tools that make the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library’s Adult Reading Program a big success. Ideas and handouts from past programs will be shared as well as thoughts on the upcoming 2018 Libraries Rock reading program. Get a look into the best ways to approach sponsors, excite library staff and engage the public with a fun and eventful adult reading program experience. As an added bonus, special guest, Dr. Steven Rothenberger, a Kearney resident, will share excerpts from his latest book highlighting the 60’s rock era in small-town Nebraska.
Jana Kahn -- Library Assistant, Lied Scottsbluff Public Library
Noelle Thompson -- Director, Lied Scottsbluff Public Library

Libraries Transform: Ravenna's Transformation
Ravenna Public Library is building a new library, which is set to be done in the middle of October 2017. Library staff will discuss the number of hurdles that had to be overcome over three decades, including proving a need, developing community approval, and showing that libraries are still vital parts of the community (programming, social media and regular media presence). Additional items to be discussed will be building design, construction, and fundraising.
Karrie Huryta -- Director, Ravenna Public Library
Joy Kyhn -- Assistant Director, Ravenna Public Library

Mentoring and Leadership: A Partnership
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, to mentor means to teach or give advice or guidance to (someone, such as a less experienced person or a child). They define leadership as the act of an instance of leading (providing direction or guidance). It should be of no surprise that mentoring helps create leaders by increasing knowledge and developing skills to become more confident in leading and being a strong model to others. The presenter will share lessons learned with mentoring and leadership from research, participation in ALA mentoring programs, and attendance at the MPLA Leadership Institute. There will also be discussion regarding the NMRT’s new mentoring program for all members of NLA.
Terri Rickel -- ILL Lending Team Leader, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Neutrality Promotes the Good Life...For Some
Over the last year, neutrality as library professionals has become a hotly debated topic. Since this debate has occurred mostly among professionals, this presentation provides an opportunity to hear from one of our patrons. The presenter, a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with several years of library experience, will share her research and thoughts on neutrality in libraries. The presenter will argue that library staff have a professional responsibility to cede neutrality when interacting with patrons of diverse backgrounds in order to ensure that all have an equal opportunity to access the knowledge necessary to define a good life for themselves.
Chelsea Lemburg -- Student (Child, Youth, and Family Studies), University of Nebraska-Lincoln

WiFi Access Lending for All: Starting a WiFi Lending Program
We all know that access to high-speed internet is critical to having a full opportunity to live the good life. Unfortunately, many Nebraskans live in communities with no broadband connection don’t have broadband access at home. To help address this issue, Norfolk Public Library started lending out WiFi hotspots in August 2016. Come learn how this program can help you reach under-served communities and leave with practical guides on getting a program started..
Jessica Chamberlain -- Director, Norfolk Public Library

10:00-11:00 Vendor Showcase

11:00-12:30: Keynote Speaker:Todd Burleson

12:30-2:00: Section Luncheons

C&U Lunch/Meeting
Mad Hatter Luncheon
PARA Lunch/Meeting
PLTS Lunch/Meeting
S&I Lunch/Meeting

2:00-3:00:Concurrent session VI

Access to Fair Representation: NE Free Legal Answers
NE Free Legal Answers ( is a no-cost online version of the walk-in legal clinic model. Qualifying low-income Nebraskans can post a civil (non-criminal) legal question for a response by a Nebraska lawyer. The Website, which launched in October 2016, is a joint program hosted by the American Bar Association and participating states. This presentation will provide an overview of the program and demonstrate how it works from registration, using the Website, and receiving the lawyer's response. Many users will visit a library to access the Internet and will look to library staff for information and assistance about this program. The presenter will provide participants materials, resources, and information how to assist patrons who seek information on legal resources and also, to help patrons access volunteer attorneys online. The presenter will also provide information about legal forms, information and resources available to persons who cannot afford an attorney and who are trying to navigate a complex judicial system on their own. The presenter is the Director of the Volunteer Lawyers Project, the pro bono program of the Nebraska State Bar Association.
Carol A. Cleaver -- Director, Volunteer Lawyers Project

Best Children's Books of 2017
In this popular annual program, the presenters will give brief book talks of new titles that could be good additions to your library's collection. Titles for preschool through elementary school will be included.
Sally Snyder -- Coordinator of Children and Young Adult Library Services, Nebraska Library                               Commission

How to Choose Your News: Educating College Students on Identifying Bias
In a culture that is increasingly filled with biased argumentation and rhetoric, it is critical for information professionals to educate our students and patrons on the nature and pervasiveness of bias in everyday information consumption. In order to teach students how to recognize bias, the Outreach and Instruction team at Criss Library developed a learning module centered on determining political bias in online news articles. Based on student feedback and incorporating active learning activities, the module was adapted throughout the spring semester.
Additional feedback led to the development of aworkshop focuses less on political bias in particular, and more on bias as a whole: what it means, and how to identify it. The goal is to help students across campus and disciplines understand how to be more sophisticated consumers of information, both in academia and in everyday life. The presenter will discuss the evolution of the instruction module through the semester and how the workshop was developed. The presenter will also discuss how student feedback informed this evolution, describe the feedback received about the workshop, and how the instruction team plans move forward from here.
Erin Painter -- Associate, UNO Criss Library

Letters About Literature: Read. Be Inspired. Write Back.
Letters About Literature, a Library of Congress national reading- and writing-promotion program that asks young people in grades 4 through 12 to write to an author (living or deceased) about how his or her book affected their lives, has announced its 2016 winners.
Nearly 50,000 young readers from across the country participated in this year’s initiative, which aims to instill a lifelong love of reading in the nation’s youth and to engage and nurture their passion for literature. The contest is promoted by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress through its affiliated state centers, state libraries and other organizations.
Research shows that students benefit most from literacy instruction when they are engaged in reading and writing activities that are relevant to their daily experiences. In addition, research supports the link between reading and writing: children who read write better; children who write read more. Letters About Literature provides this type of reading-writing experience and challenges students to identify a personal connection with the books they read. This year, more than 2,200 educators from 1,440 schools used Letters About Literature in their classrooms so come out to this presentation to find out how you can too!.
Mary Jo Ryan -- Communications Coordinator, Nebraska Library Commission
Christine Walsh -- Assistant Library Director, Kearney Public Library

The Next Best Thing to Having Your Own Gigabit Internet
Did you know that every Nebraska public school district is connected via fiber to the statewide network, and each is capable of 1,000Mbps Internet or more? Did you know that most Nebraska public libraries are within 1-2 miles of a public school building but fewer than 15% report their Internet capacity in excess of 25Mbps? Did you know that approximately 50,000 K-12 students do not have Internet at home? What if there was a way to partner to share school district Internet with your library with minimal cost AND qualify for E-rate without excessive filtering? Attend this session to find out about this closely guarded infrastructure secret and learn how to strike up a relationship with your local public school district.
Note: This is part 1 of a 2-part presentation, Capitalizing on Opportunities to Upgrade Broadband Services at Your Public Library. Part 2 will begin at 3pm in the same room.
Tom Rolfes -- Education IT Manager, Nebraska Information Technology Commission
Ryan McDowell -- IT Manager, Education Service Unit #5

Notable Adult Non-Fiction Books of 2017
Join two senior library administrators to hear their reviews on adult books from the 2017 ALA Notable Book List to inform your decisions on selecting new books for your library or personal time. Attendees can expect a mix of description, evaluation, and opinion from these two librarians whose love of reading is only surpassed by their love of talking about what they read.
Pat Leach -- Director, Lincoln City Libraries
Amy Hafer -- Director, Hastings Public LIbrary

Taking the Fright out of Copyright
Many librarians are intimidated by copyright laws and some are even scared. In this presentation,the presenter hopes to help librarians from all types of libraries become more comfortable with copyright-related issues. The presentation will begin with a brief overview of copyright law, fair use, and the TEACH Act before opening the floor for a Q&A session. Leave the fear at home and bring any and all questions you have about copyright!
Richard Leiter -- Director, Marvin & Virginia Shmid Law Library (Nebraska College of Law)

Virtually Visiting Nebraska's Good Life
As we celebrate our great state’s birthday do you ever wish you could take your students/patrons to visit some of Nebraska's most amazing attractions? This session will show you how you can take your patrons to several special places in Nebraska virtually. No bus, no permission slips...just sit back and enjoy!
Molly Aschoff -- Distance Learning Coordinator, Educational Service Unit #8
Beth Kabes -- Blended/Distance Education Director, Educational Service Unit #3

You are the Golden Gate Bridge!
Gone are the days where librarians are keepers of the books. Now we are the most amazing bridges in the world! Whether you bridge from community to school, teachers to students, or students to the world, this session will provide resources for you to ensure access to resources and services in YOUR school library and beyond.
Mandy Peterson -- Schuyler Central High School

3:00-4:00: Concurrent Session VII

Best Teen Books of 2017
In this popular annual program, the presenters will give brief book talks of new titles that could be good additions to your library's collection. Titles for middle school and high school will be included.
Sally Snyder -- Coordinator of Children and Young Adult Library Services, Nebraska Library                               Commission
Jill Annis -- School Librarian (Grandview Middle School), Elkhorn Public Schools

Increasing Access to Digital Collections
Is your library experiencing difficulty granting access to digital resources due to cost? Come to this presentation to learn about the group of libraries who work together to buy access to digital collections and share the costs among some 30 libraries across the state of Nebraska. The presenter is happy to provide information on how you can join this group or form one of your own.
Jake Rundle -- Collections Librarian, Hastings Public Library

Living the Good Life in Tomorrow’s Libraries
Libraries aren’t just for reading anymore. Today’s libraries have to serve their communities in new and different ways. We need libraries and librarians who think and work differently if we are truly to provide access to the good life for all our patrons. Come learn how to transform your space, design programs and build relationships that will get more people in your doors.
Molly Aschoff -- Distance Learning Coordinator, Educational Service Unit #8

Next Gen Wi-Fi to Enhance Your Public Library
Have your patrons been complaining of slow Wi-Fi or are you tired of resetting your Wi-Fi router? With the advent of the E-rate Modernization Order in 2014, approximately $4 million of Category 2 funding is potentially available to Nebraska public libraries through the year 2020 to upgrade their internal networking and Wi-Fi systems. Eligible expenditures include switches, routers, firewalls, cabling, wireless access points, racks, uninterruptible power supplies, wireless controller systems, and the installation, management, and training of the systems.
About the same time, the industry released faster Wi-Fi equipment and new controller software that allows for partitioned subnetworks for staff, adult patrons, and youth patrons. E-rate filing just got a whole lot easier. Attend this session to find out how you can get back in the E-rate game, and qualify for funding to help upgrade your internal networks.
Note: This is Part 2 the 2-part series, Capitalizing on Opportunities to Upgrade Broadband Services at Your Public Library.
Holly Woldt -- Technology Support Specialist, Nebraska Library Commission
Christa Porter -- Library Development Director, Nebraska Library Commission

Notable Adult Fiction Books of 2017
Join two senior library administrators to hear their reviews on adult books from the 2017 ALA Notable Book List to inform your decisions on selecting new books for your library or personal time. Attendees can expect a mix of description, evaluation, and opinion from these two librarians whose love of reading is surpassed only by their love of talking about what they read.
Pat Leach -- Director, Lincoln City Libraries
Amy Hafer -- Director, Hastings Public LIbrary

Research Goals: Providing Students with the Workshops They Want
Strong research skills are important in life and in college classes. It is imperative that academic libraries work to meet undergraduate students where they are in order to fully support student learning. At Criss Library, the Instruction and Outreach Team aimed to better educate students about research techniques and the library’s resources by analyzing students’ needs and requests and creating short workshops based on their feedback. The workshops’ overall goal has been to engage students in their research and research materials and to provide them with answers to their research questions in a positive, relaxed, learning environment. We designed the workshops to include active learning activities and handouts focused on specific research topics that student feedback revealed were most interesting to them. The workshops are purposefully made short and are held at a specific time to minimize students’ scheduling conflicts. Based on student feedback collected after every workshop, we are able to tweak and improve the workshops each semester in order to ensure they remain student-centered. This presentation will cover workshop planning which implements student feedback combined with instruction pedagogy.
Monica Maher -- Associate (Research & Instruction Services), UNO Criss Library

School Librarians as Learning Guides: An Administrator’s Guide
The purpose of this session is share AASL president Audrey Church’s Presidential Initiative, which can be used as an advocacy tool to demonstrate to principals and other target audiences how school librarians transform learning. This session will introduce the initiative infographic and other resources, including scenarios for participants to use when considering their own advocacy efforts. Strategies for use will be brainstormed, and participants will have an opportunity to offer their own ideas. This interactive session will result in concrete actions attendees can bring back to their setting for implementation of the initiative.
Deb Levitov -- Editor, Teacher Librarian
Betty Meyer -- School Library Media Specialist, Thayer Central Community School

4:00-4:15: Closing Remarks

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